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Skylight Music Theatre, WI

getting ready for work
the EL train
checking out their men
my man...
true love
clever disguise
"what are these boys up to?"
playing along
lunch on the roof
a joke goes to far
honeymoon panties
call from the street
Desi moonlights
taking control
wishing she didn't play along
women, women everywhere
hiding in the closet
the bet is getting too real
"everyone is just the same."
a fake wedding
a fake priest
Mrs "We Knew It All Along"
making up
wedding pictures finale

"Good-looking, well-sung, funny and…different."

-David Lewellen of the Journal Sentinel

"Take Mozart’s brilliant music, add a dash of comedy/drama from The Office, and transport it all to 1958 Chicago. Fresh, witty, and bawdy, the libretto by Dimitri Toscas has zing and plenty of modern cultural references for those in the know."

-Marianne Kordas, Third Coast Digest

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