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"The noteworthy aspect of this production is the Falcon Theatre's visionary approach to diversity in casting, by using Jai Rodriguez. All the other productions have featured a Caucasian in the role. There is nothing in the character that would indicate Hispanic casting, which makes it all the more significant. For years, African-American actors have asked why they should only play roles that specify Black. That has all changed now, thankfully." ~

"'Mem’ries' may light the corners of Broadway/TV star Jai Rodriguez’s mind, but they are neither 'misty' nor 'water-colored' in Jonathan Tolins’ deliciously dishy Buyer & Cellar, a revelatory showcase for Queer Eye 'Culture Vulture' Rodriguez under Dimitri Toscas’ truly inspired direction. Toscas doesn’t just have Rodriguez moving about the Falcon stage with imagination and flair (the dancing with Barbra sequence is a stroke of genius), together Toscas and scenic/projection designer Adam Flemming elevate this Buyer & Cellar to a whole new level," ~ StageSceneLA

WINNER: NoHo Fringe Award 2016, Best One-Person Show (comedy)

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